Hi I'm Jess and I love Bones, Ouat, Disney & X Files. Booth and Brennan are my otp always +

mrs--booth: obsessed with your 5.16 gifset. it's just too perfect, wow 

ahhhhhh thankyou!! I’m glad you like it that much :’)

"You know.. whatever happened to meeting someone across a crowded room. Eyes meeting, that old black magic gets you in it’s spell.."

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"Great power requires great sacrifice;


Bones - 10x01 - The Conspiracy in the Corpse Sneak Peek (x)


Fangirl challenge | [6/10] friendships

"Booth once told me that you can only love one person the most. I feel that applies to friendship as well. You are that person to me."

rumbelle meme | five quotes [4/5]
↳ “What?! I mean, first, you tell me I let the pirate live! Now you’re telling me I fall for the help!”


Emily Deschanel for LAIKA magazine - Issue four  2014 “The Future Issue”

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